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Make A Great Impression With
The Whitehouse Cleaners!

  • At The Whitehouse Cleaners & Tailors we know your clothes are an investment in your future. That's why 0ur family participates in every aspect of the operation from inspection to cleaning. The Whitehouse Cleaners is a family owned and operated, progressive, environmentally conscious cleaner that provides professional, premium garment care and exceptional customer service.

  • The Whitehouse Cleaners & Tailors, serving Bay Shore and Brightwaters since 1977!

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Selecting a drycleaner can be a chore, but The Whitehouse Cleaners makes it easy! With so much invested in your clothing, household items, leather, and bridal gowns, you need a service-oriented and quality-conscious drycleaner.

1. Detail-oriented inspection for every garment
2. Hand cleaning and ironing for delicate garments
3. Informed and educated customer service staff
4. Experienced stain-removal specialists

The Whitehouse Cleaners uses crystal clear solutions – for the whitest whites – missing and cracked buttons replaced, and fine drycleaning and wetcleaning for all your delicate and best clothing. Schedule a pick up with us here!

Shirt Laundry

Whether you wear your shirts for business or casual wear, The Whitehouse Cleaners keeps your shirts looking great and professionally done. Crisp clean shirts, all done with the perfect amount of starch.

Whether you prefer your shirts hanging or gently folded – for space saving or travel – we know how important it is to pull out a shirt that’s ready to wear. Your shirt is machine pressed with the latest and best shirt unit. Formal and casual shirts are given the same attention and soft touch to meet your needs for every event.

The Whitehouse Cleaners promises you:

• Premium Detergent

• An inspected shirt, properly packaged

• Collar stays are always FREE and available at our counter

• Just the right amount of starch – from No starch to Heavy starch

• Chipped and broken buttons replaced with matching buttons, whenever possible. Schedule a pick up with us here!

Leather and Suede

We inspect your leather and suede garments at the counter, and note all stains, marks, missing and broken buttons. We send your “skins” to a trusted specialist for cleaning and alterations. The best advice we can give you comes in terms of preventive care for stains and day-to-day wear.

Stain Emergencies – What you can do

Spills on leather and suede require different care than cotton and wool. While it’s best to blot most stains – and to never rub – you do have a few options.

If your leather is a bit shiny and automatically “repels” liquid spills, then you can use a slightly damp sponge to gently wipe it off. However, if your leather is butter soft and seems to absorb every little stain, you should not attempt stain removal. It will most likely require professional care, as soon as possible.

Suede is a bit trickier. Some smudges can often be improved with a clean eraser (but should always be tested in a hidden area first). Oily-type stains from buttered popcorn, gravy, and lotions will need attention by the stain-removal technicians.

A few care hints …

Collar soil from make-up and body oils can deposit deep into the skin, so consider wearing a scarf with your leather and suede jackets. Spills from soda and “to-go” containers will need immediate professional attention. Ink, lipstick and paint should also be tended to as soon as possible. Schedule a pick up with us here!

Stain Removal

Consumers want to believe that they can remove stains at home just as well as a professional drycleaner! At The Whitehouse Cleaners, our technicians have had over 40 years of training in stain removal, they know the origin of stains by just looking at them, and are able to assess probable removal in a matter of seconds!

Nonetheless, the more you know about stains and removal, the longer your clothing will last. It’s in our best interest to educate you on stain identification and proper protocol, so you won’t do something you may regret or that will make the drycleaner’s job more challenging.

This means that we will share routine stain bulletins, as we receive them. As a bonus, we’ll critique modern store-bought stain removers if you use any of them at home.

A Few Do’s & Don’ts

When it comes to stain removal and garment care, doing just a few things right can help save your clothing.

• Never rub stains: Blot only and then stop!

• Never use water on an oily stain, as it may make limit future removal

• Water-based stains usually have a ring or an outline and oil-based stains are usually absorbed into the material and look blotchy.

• If you don’t know the origin of the stain, do not use water or club soda

• Try to get all stained clothing to us within 24-48 hours and remember to point out hard-to-see stains to our counter staff.

• Lastly, if you did use water, club soda, or any stain remover, please tell us so we can treat the area appropriately! Schedule a pick up with us here!

Bridal Gowns

Bridal Gowns, Brides Maids & Special Occasions

At The Whitehouse Cleaners, we alter, restyle, clean and preserve your gown. Each dress is inspected and analyzed for the proper care process. Beads and sequins are tested to insure that will properly sustain the cleaning process. Then your gown will be treated in a customized cleaning process and then again post inspected by our gown experts.

Whether you have a new bridal gown, a second-hand gown, or even a third-generation heirloom, The Whitehouse Cleaners will apply the latest care and restoration techniques. We can restyle or alter the gown to fit each family bride. We process gowns according to need: wetcleaning for water-based stains, and drycleaning for oily-type stains and embellishments. We use only fresh crystal clear cleaners and filters during this entire lengthy process to clean your precious heirloom.


Cleaning is only half the story: After the wedding, we can re-clean your gown and then preserve it in a museum-quality box, where it will lay-in-waiting for your next event. It will be clean and ready for your bride to try on and alter to her needs.

The Wedding Party

We like to serve everyone associated with your wedding party. This means that we clean and press the tuxedos for the groom and the best man and the dresses for the brides’ maids and flower girls!

Christening, Communion & Special Occasion Dresses

Few things are as sweet and meaningful as these items – new or heirloom – and we know how important these pieces can be to you and your family.

We give equal attention to cleaning and restoration for bonnets, blankets, bib, booties, slips and dresses. We individually treat drool, milk, spit up, and make up.

Remember, we can preserve all of these items in a museum-quality archival box so they can be passed down for generations to come.

Expert Tailoring

We have an tailoring department at The Whitehouse Cleaners that is expert in all types of clothing and styles. We will repair, alter and restyle your clothing. We can pin, mark, and measure clothing for men, women and children – new, used and vintage.

We make it easy to alter kids’ clothing for the next sibling, to bring a treasured garment back into rotation, and to restore or resize garments as your body and style changes.

The Whitehouse Cleaners can also repair and alter slip covers, sheers, bedding, tapestries, and other household items.

Our tailoring department offers an array of repair services:

• Repairs for holes and tears

• Hand and machine sewing

• Replacement of buttons

• Elastic replacement

• Shortening slacks, skirts, jacket sleeves and jeans

Our typical turn around time is one week, but we can usually accommodate requests for quicker service.

Casual Clothing

Casual Clothing: Keeping it fresh and clean … Sweaters, jeans, khaki’s, golf shirts, tee shirts, polo’s – you name it, Cricket can keep them looking good.

Every garment gets a professional finish, khaki’s have sharp creases and shirts look better from collar to cuff, the kind of finish you just can’t get at home. You will notice the difference. Schedule a pick up with us here!

Area Rugs

We accept all types of area rugs; Oriental, Persian, Drury – braided, custom, round and square. Rugs are inspected, assessed and prepped for cleaning. We clean and restore what we can at The Whitehouse Cleaners, but will gladly send your rugs to a trusted specialist for cleaning and alterations when necessary. We use the latest techniques, including wetcleaning and drycleaning – depending on the type of rug and its construction:

• Dust & particles are removed
• Stains are assessed and removed (whenever possible)
• Rugs are cleaned and dried in a controlled environment
• Fringe is spotted and detailed by hand
• Rugs go through a rigorous final inspection
• Rugs are rolled and packed in brown paper
• Odor removal

Household Items

Comforters, bedspreads and sheers are delicately handled and packaged. All items are meticulously inspected for stains and returned to you brighter and crisper.

Comforters & Bedspreads

Comforters can be returned to you hung on a hanger or handsomely packaged in a specially designed breathable bag. Down and feathers are cleaned, deodorized and sanitized.


Sheers take a lot of abuse from the sun and they need care and cleaning to keep them fresh and healthy. Sun can weaken threads and cause yellowing. At The Whitehouse Cleaners, we gently dryclean and wetclean sheers to remove soil, nicotine, cooking odors and other impurities in the air. After cleaning, we hand steam them to remove wrinkles and imperfections.

Care & Attention at Home

All of these items require preventive care to keep them fresh between cleanings. You can remove a lot of dust from furniture covers, sheers and window treatments by vacuuming them monthly. This is the same dust that coats fabrics, dulls colors, and becomes a massive problem when it gets wet or stained. And, you can inspect your bedding and spreads under bright light and wash or dryclean them at the first sign of make-up, body oil and yellowing. When it comes to keeping fabrics clean, fresh, and free of stains, The Whitehouse Cleaners has many “secret” weapons. By providing both drycleaning and wetcleaning technologies, we can restore many fabrics that consumers believe have “seen their day.” We are constantly learning and applying new techniques such as, water-repellent products, fabric-safe bleaches, and steam cleaning for draperies and other delicate items. Schedule a pick up with us here!

Fine Linens: Bed and Table

At The Whitehouse Cleaners, fine table and bed linens are carefully inspected and stains are pretreated by hand – from gravy and oils to coffee, wine and wax. We know stains and we know what it takes to remove them. By providing both drycleaning and wetcleaning technologies, we can restore many fabrics. We are constantly learning and applying new techniques, such as aggressive stain removal for older yellow stains and fabric-safe bleaches. Delicate table linens are carefully cleaned and treated just like your second- and third-generation heirlooms. After cleaning and ironing, we hang them with tissue in the folds to reduce creases. Raised and embroidered cloths are hand ironed to enhance every detail. Our seamstresses can mend and embroider tears, holes and degraded fabric to restore your special table linens. We can then hang your linens, or fold and package them in crystal clear plastic, enclosed with ribbons! A few hints to make your linens last longer:

• When spills occur during meals, gently blot with a dry white cloth and stop!

• Oily stains, such as gravy, butter, and mayonnaise should be blotted with a dry white cloth. Do not use water or club soda. However, you can also apply some corn starch to soak up the oils until you can get them to The Whitehouse Cleaners.

• If the stain in water based, such as coffee, wine or soda, you can apply water – sparingly – and then blot with a dry white cloth.

• Wax can be gently scraped, while still warm, with a dull butter knife or plastic utensil.

• After the meal, gather up your napkins, placemats and tablecloths and shake them outside your home.

Remember, most oily stains cannot be removed in the wash at home. After washing, they may look like they’ve been removed because they are clear in color, but these are the same “clear” stains that turn a deep yellow a month later.

Bed Linens

Sheets, shams and pillow covers are treated much the same as table linens. However, since the stains are usually different, The Whitehouse Cleaners uses different stain removers to reach desired removal. Schedule a pick up with us here!